Perfume Care – The Best Way To Protect Your Fragrance

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Ever noticed that your scent has become something very different since you bought it? Chances are if you’ve paid $300.00US for a designer perfume, you probably don’t want it fizzing out, right in front of your eyes. By adopting these perfume care tips, you can not only enjoy keeping your perfumes more, but ensure that, by the time you use your perfume, it hasn’t been preserved so badly that the fragrance has   Make your perfume sentosa,    altered. After all, most of us now change our perfume depending on the occasion and mood, meaning there are more perfume bottles, hanging around for longer. This trend now gives you an opportunity to turn longer perfume shelf life into an advantage, with some perfume care know-how.

Avoid at all costs!

Wine and scents have more in common than being ingredients to a sizzling night out. One of the most corrosive factors affecting perfumes and wines is air. It is very difficult to completely remove air from the headspace of a perfume flask or bottle. Air tends to alter the fragrance of the perfume in the long run. As the amount of scent in a bottle runs low, a bigger part of the bottle is inevitably filled with air that enters the bottle when the perfume is used. As the proportion of air to fragrance shifts, the danger of changing the fragrance increases. Other environmental factors include dust particles interacting with the perfumes, as well as light, and heat.

Do it!

The next time your fridge or mini bar is on the shopping list, spare a thought for a small perfume chiller. Refrigerating fragrances is the accepted practice to preserving perfumes, and is highly recommended if you want the fragrance you use to smell exactly as it was intended. This is the only way to ensure that the scent continues to suit the person for whom it was intended in the best possible way.

Short of refrigeration, most perfume makers recommend storage in the original packaging, while not in use, or in air-tight and opaque aluminium bottles.

Interestingly, a spray dispenser may be a versatile solution. Spray dispensers have the crucial advantage of minimizing the perfume’s exposure to oxygen while in storage. They also create a barrier between the fragrance inside the spray dispenser, and the various dust particles that commonly mingle with perfume and degrade it. Rollers and open


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