How to Cut a Lace Front Wig

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How to cut a lace front human hair wigs here means the way to cut the additional lace on a lace front wig. Once you get a replacement lace front wig, it always has extra lace on the forehead whether human hair lace front wig or synthetic lace front wigs. And you would like to trim the additional lace of the wig for the foremost natural look. The way to cut the additional lace is your essential lesson.

These tools are wont to cut a lace front wig.

* Scissors,

* Tweezers,

* A wig Stand (optional),

* A wig clip

Some women wish to cut the lace after installing the lace front wig, and then you’ll do these steps:

  1. Determine where the middle of the lace front human hair wig is then use a skinny hair clip to mark the position of its center. After sliding the clip, the lace front wigs are going to be divided into 2 pieces on all sides of that thin hair clip.
  2. Use two other big hair clips to stay the hair on each side of the center-making clip. During this way, you’ll not trim any stray hair strands.
  3. You would like to use an honest pair of scissors to chop the long and fluid lines, which limits jagged edges. Begin a few quarter of the lace round the font also as sides of the front lace human hair wig. Why do you have to trim just small parts of lace rather than cutting all at once? Because if you cutting an excessive amount of lace, the wig are often ruined.
  4. Clear off the skinny clip that marks the middle of the wig. But still, keep the 2 clips that hold the hairs on two sides. You’ll adjust these clips if necessary.
  5. Then, you need to cut the lace from the rear to the start of the hairline within the front. Remember to use your fingers to tug the lace tightly in order that strokes look smooth and soft.
  6. Subsequent step is to chop the edges of the wig. It’s unnecessary to chop all the lace along the hairline. Leave about an eighth-inch of the lace because this part is extremely hard to ascertain and it’s like your forehead area.
  7. Check the cut lace again to form sure that no jaggy edges are left. The foremost important thing is that the lace, especially the lace round the forehead area, is trimmed totally smooth and even.

However, some others wish to cut the additional lace at the start before applying the human hair lace front wig. Here are the steps:

  1. Wear the lace front human hair wigs firstly, and adjusts it to suit your head, our human hair lace front wig comes with wig clips and an adjustable rubber band at the back; please make it to suit your head completely.
  2. Confirm the lace front human hair wig hairline is flush together with your natural hairline. This is often the foremost important step.
  3. Stop the additional lace round the corner near your eras.
  4. Place the ruler vertically on the lace. Ranging from the left side of the lace, the front lace wig meets the lace. Use the pen to put a little dot 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch on the front of the lace. If the lace starts to wear and wishes to be cut, leave extra length to stop loss of the hairline.
  5. Repeat the above steps until you reach the top of the lace. Connect dots to the front lace wig with dotted lines.
  6. Begin your wig. Put the lace front human hair wig on a wig stand and take away the loose strands from the pre-plucked lace wig.
  7. Use scissors to chop the lace along the road you created with the dots. Don’t leave pen marks on the lace. The front of the hairline can only have about 2mm lace.

When you cut the additional lace at the start, then measure the additional lace you would like to chop is sort of important, you would like to very careful to regulate the wig in order that it can completely suit your head.



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