Calgary receives the 5th rank in the survey of liveable cities

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Calgary receives the 5th rank in the survey of liveable cities

There has been a survey conducted for 140 cities on how liveable they are. In this survey, it has been found that the cities of Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver are quite liveable.

Calgary in Alberta received a high ranking as far as liveable cities were concerned. It had the 5th rank in the rankings of liveable cities.

In this survey which also happened last year, Toronto and Vancouver were also in the rankings, with 7th and 6th ranks.

However, the rank of the most liveable city was given to Vienna which is in Austria. This survey was done by the Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Index.

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The factors which formed the basis of such liveability factors are as follows:

Stability: This factor implies how much crime prevails in the city and how much terror exists there.

Healthcare: It’s an important factor that decides what is the kind of healthcare available in a city, along with the availability of over the counter drugs.

Culture and environment: This factor looks at the major elements of living there which include food, drink, social factors, temperature, restrictions imposed as a part of religion.

Education: This factor evaluates the availability of quality education in this city.

Infrastructure: Its also an important factor determining liveability. You have to assess what kinds of roads exist in the city. Apart from that, the availability of accommodation and public transport available there also decides the availability.

If a ranking of 100, this means the city is an excellent place to live, however, a ranking of 1 means the city is an unbearable place to live.

Let’s get to know what were the scores of these cities, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Calgary had a score of 97.5 out of 100. Out of the five categories mentioned above, it had a score of 100 in 4 out of 5 factors, but for the factor of culture and environment, it had a low score.

As far as the city of Vancouver is concerned, it had a lower than 100 score in 2 categories. These two categories were Stability and Infrastructure where it had scores of 95 and 92.9 respectively.

Toronto had low scores for Infrastructure and Culture and Environment. It had scores of 89.3 and 97.2 respectively for these categories.

So, it’s upto you to decide which city where you want to live in Canada.

Calgary situated in Alberta has a huge population already living here. It has a population of 1.2 million. There are different kinds of immigration streams through which you can immigrate to Alberta. These are listed as follows:

Alberta opportunity stream: This stream is meant for those visa aspirants who have experience in certain occupations in demand.

Alberta Express Entry stream: Through this stream, eligible candidates who are a part of the Express Entry pool are taken. The visa aspirants who are a part of this pool must be suited to meet the needs of this province.

Alberta self-employed farmer stream: This stream is for those visa aspirants who desire to run a farm in this province.

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